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Title: The Tibetans
Language of title: English
Author/Creator: Matthew Kapstein
One Sentence Summary: Introduction to Tibetans, their history, culture, and religions.

Description: Intended for students and general readers, The Tibetans provides an in-depth survey of Tibetan political and religious history, society, arts, and literature. (Christopher Bell 2006-09-07)

Publisher Place: Malden, MA
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing
Normalized publisher place: Malden, MA
Publisher country: United States
Publisher URL: http://www.blackwellpublishing.com/
URL: http://www.blackwellpublishing.com/book.asp?ref=0631225749&site=1
Classification: Tibetan and Himalayan -- Tibetan Literature
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Reference Resources
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Places-Geography
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Economics
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Society
Tantric Studies -- Buddhist Tantra
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Religion -- Tibetan Sects
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Religion -- Temples
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Religion -- Rituals and Ceremonies
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Cultures and Ethnicities
Buddhist Studies -- Reference Resources
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Religion -- Practices
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Education
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Religion -- Pilgrimage
Tibetan and Himalayan -- History -- Tibet
Cultural Coverage: Tibet and Himalayas
Temporal coverage: 1st century BCE
1st century CE
2nd century CE
3rd century CE
4th century CE
5th century CE
6th century CE
7th century CE
8th century CE
9th century CE
11th century CE
12th century CE
13th century CE
14th century CE
15th century CE
16th century CE
17th century CE
18th century CE
19th century CE
20th century CE
21st century CE
Interface Language: English
Series Title: Peoples of Asia
Series editor: Morris Rossabi

Table of Contents:

List of Photographs

List of Maps



A Note on Transcription and Translation

1. The Vessel and Its Contents

High Peaks, Pure Earth

Peasants, Nomads, and Traders

The Tibetan Language

2. Prehistory and Early Legends

Sources of Archeological Evidence

Children of the Ape and the Ogress

Tibetan Religion Before Buddhism

3. The Tsenpo's Imperial Dominion

The Rise of the Tibetan Empire

Later Monarchs and the Promotion of Buddhism

The Empire's Implosion

4. Fragmentation and Hegemonic Power

Dynastic Successors and the Kingdom of Guge

The Buddhist Renaissance

Mongols and Tibetan Buddhists

Successive Hegemonies

Tibetan Buddhism and the Ming

5. The Rule of the Dalai Lamas

Monastics and Monarchs

Between Mongols and Manchus

Regency and Retreat

Cultural Developments in Eastern Tibet

The Life and Times of the Great Thirteenth

6. Tibetan Society

Property, Economy, and Social Class

Government and Law

Marriage and Kinship

Women in Traditional Tibet

7. Religious Life and Thought

Propitiation, Therapy, and the Life-cycle

Buddhist Basics

Monastic Institutions and Education

Tantrism and Yoga

Major Orders and Schools

Festivals, Pilgrimages, and Ritual Cycles

8. The Sites of Knowledge

The Speech Goddess's Mirror

To Form Body, Speech, and Mind

Medicine, Astronomy, and the Divinatory Sciences

9. Tibet in the Modern World

The End of Traditional Tibet

Rebellion and Exile

The Promise and Peril of Century's End


Spellings of Tibetan Names and Terms



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