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The Tibetans
Intended for students and general readers, The Tibetans provides an in-depth survey of Tibetan political and religious history, society, arts, and literature. (Christopher Bell 2006-09-07)
Grazing Management in Broadleaf Forests
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The Three Provinces of Mṅa'-ris: Traditional Accounts of Ancient Western Tibet
The article looks at the complicated geographic history of Tibet, focusing on Ngari, or ancient western Tibet. Tracing this history, the article shows how a three-province theory developed to describ...
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An 8th Century List of Thousand-districts in Ne'u Pandita's History
The article investigates the social geography and military organization of 8th century Tibet by looking at Ne'u Pandita's History. (Mark Premo-Hopkins 2004-03-04)
Laboratoire Himalaya du CNRS
Homepage of the Laboratoire Himalaya of the CNRS. Contains a strong links page, especially for news sources that cover the region. See this site for announcements about up-coming academic conferences ...
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