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gDams ngag: Tibetan Technologies of the Self
Description to be added.
From Kun-mkhyen Dol-po-pa to 'Ba'-mda' dGe-legs: Three Jo-nang-pa Masters on the Interpretation of the Prajñapāramitā
Description to be added.
The Tibetans
Intended for students and general readers, The Tibetans provides an in-depth survey of Tibetan political and religious history, society, arts, and literature. (Christopher Bell 2006-09-07)
Mulian in the Land of Snows: Chinese Traditions of Maudgalyyana and Their Tibetan Legacy
To be added.
The Tibetan Yulanpen jing
Description to be added.
The Tulku's Miserable Lot: Critical Voices from Eastern Tibet
Description to be added.
Review of Karma-pa VIII Mi-bskyod-rdo-rje, et al., ed., The Rain of Wisdom
A review by Matthew Kapstein of Karma-pa VIII Mi-bskyod-rdo-rje, et al., ed., The Rain of Wisdom: The Essence of the Ocean of True Meaning, translated by the Nalanda Translation Committee under...
The Shangs-pa bKa'-brgyud: An Unknown Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism
The article looks at the contribution of the Shangpa Kagyü (shangs pa bka' brgyud) to Tibetan Buddhism as a whole. (Mark Premo-Hopkins 2004-04-13)
Religious Syncretism in 13th Century Tibet: The Limitless Ocean Cycle
The article raises questions about the sources of The Limitless Ocean Cycle. Normally attributed to Karmapa Rangjung Dorjé (karma pa rang byung rdo rje, 1284-1339), the article suggests that ...
The Purificatory Gem and Its Cleansing: A Late Tibetan Polemical Discussion of Apocryphal Texts
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