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དཔྱད་རྩོམ། (dpyad rtsom/)
A volume from the collected works of Khewang Dungkar Lopzang Trinlé (dung dkar blo bzang 'phrin las/), containing essays on various topics from Tibetan history, geography, etc.
Introducing Tibetan Buddhism
Creator's Description: This is designed as an undergraduate textbook on Tibetan Buddhism. The general perspective is similar to that of Civilized Shamans, but the scale and detail are mo...
The History of the Sixteen Karmapas of Tibet
This book is a traditional description of the lives of the first through sixteenth Karmapas, written by the Fourth Karma Thinleypa of the Karma bKa' brgyud tradition. The hagiographies are replete wit...
The Tibetans
Intended for students and general readers, The Tibetans provides an in-depth survey of Tibetan political and religious history, society, arts, and literature. (Christopher Bell 2006-09-07)
Two Early Sources for the History of the House of Sde-dge
In this article van der Kuijp compares Tibetan sources for the history of the royal family of Degé (sde dge). Two biographies written by a monk named Ugyenpa (u rgyan pa) in 1295 and 1304 respectivel...
The Periodization of Tibetan History: General Chronology
This timeline includes dates of influential Tibetan figures and major political eras. Please do not be initimidated by the large number of Tibetan words in romanization. The details of the events c...
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