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The THL News Update List

THL maintains a news list for regular updates about the publication of new THL resources. So if you would like to subscribe to the Tibetan & Himalayan Library’s News Update list, please use the form provided on this page. If you need to update or cancel your subscription in the future there is a link at the bottom of each mailing that will allow you to Manage Your Account.

JIATS Publication Announcements

Another news update list THL offers consists of publication announcements about new issues of the Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies. Also known as JIATS, this scholarly, peer-reviewed journal is published on the THL website.
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The THL Mailing List Services

THL also has a variety of other specialized collaborative mailing lists, all of which are part of its online “Collab Worksites” service. Each worksite in Collab has a standard set of tools – including its own mailing list. Thus a worksite might be dedicated to “Tibetan Dictionaries,” or “Tibetan GIS,” and thus the mailing list within it is used for discussions relating to that subject matter.

Please refer to the THL Collaboration Worksites page on this website for the full list of worksites to which you can subscribe.