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The Chinese reception of Indian medicine in the first millennium A.D
The author explores the nature of the Chinese reception of Indian medicine and suggests that certain socio-cultural factors and accepted behavioral models prevented the Chinese from fully assimilating...
The Tibetans
Intended for students and general readers, The Tibetans provides an in-depth survey of Tibetan political and religious history, society, arts, and literature. (Christopher Bell 2006-09-07)
Pacific World: Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies, Third Series, Num. 4
This special issue of Pacific World includes essays presented during a conference on Buddhism and cognitive science hosted by the Institute of Buddhist Studies and the Center for Theology and t...
Recently Discovered Inscriptions of Licchavi Nepal
A dicussion of ten recently discovered examples of Licchavi inscriptions from A.D. 300-850 in Nepal. (Mark Turin 2004-05-03)
Āryadeva on the Career of the Boddhisattva
The article looks at the work of Āryadeva (ca. second-third century CE), who is recognized as one of the six ornaments of Mahāyāna Buddhism, that deals with the descriptions and explanations of the...
Historical and commercial atlas of China
Contains fifty-nine digitized maps (about 170KB each) originally published in Albert Herrmann, Historical and commercial atlas of China (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1935). (Stev...
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