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Title: Historical and commercial atlas of China
Language of title: English
Author/Creator: Albert Herrmann, Ph.D.

Description: Contains fifty-nine digitized maps (about 170KB each) originally published in Albert Herrmann, Historical and commercial atlas of China (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1935). (Steven Weinberger 2004-03-31)

Publisher: huhai.net
Publisher URL: http://www.huhai.net/
Published Date: 2004
URL: http://map.huhai.net/
Extent: 59 JPG
Classification: Tibetan and Himalayan -- Places-Geography -- Maps -- Tibet
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Places-Geography -- Maps -- China
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Places-Geography -- Maps -- Central Asia
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Maps -- China
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Maps -- Tibet
Cultural Coverage: China
Central Asia
Temporal coverage: Before 6th century BCE
6th century BCE
5th century BCE
4th century BCE
3rd century BCE
2nd century BCE
1st century BCE
1st century CE
2nd century CE
3rd century CE
4th century CE
5th century CE
6th century CE
7th century CE
8th century CE
9th century CE
10th century CE
11th century CE
12th century CE
13th century CE
14th century CE
15th century CE
16th century CE
17th century CE
18th century CE
19th century CE
20th century CE
21st century CE
Language: English
Interface Language: English

Table of Contents: Physical geography with the boundaries of ancient China -- Prehistoric sites in China -- The beginnings of ancient China, 1900-1300 B.C. -- China at the end of the Shang or Yin Dynasty. ca.1110 B.C. (Inset-The geography of the Yu-kung according to the Confucian tradition) -- Original centre of ancient China -- The Chou Dynasty, 11th-9th centuries B.C. -- Chun-ch'iu period, 722-482 B.C. (Insets-The nine provinces-The home of Confucius) -- The contending states-boundaries of 350 B.C. -- The Hsiung-nu or Huns in Central Asia, 176 and 128-36 B.C. -- The Ts'in Dynasty, 255-206 B.C. -- Economic development under the Earlier Han Dynasty, ca. 100 B.C. -- Lo-yang and Ch'ang-an, ancient and modern -- China under the Earlier and Later Han Dynasties, 206 B.C.-220 A.D. -- China in Central Asia, 114 B.C.-127 A.D. (Inset-Ancient frontier line near Tun-huang) -- The Three Kingdoms, 220-265/280 A.D. -- Asia, ca. 610 A.D. -- The Western Tsin Dynasty, 265-316 A.D. (Insets-The western region-The ruins of Lou-lan) -- The Sixteen States and the Empire of the Eastern Tsin Dynasty, 317-420 A.D. -- Eastern, Central and Southern Asia, ca. 440 A.D. -- The Southern Ch'i and the Northern Wei Dynasties-boundaries of 500 A.D. -- The divisions of China, 535-560 A.D. -- Asia, ca. 610 A.D. -- The Sui Dynasty, 581-618 A.D. -- China in Central Asia, 660 A.D. (Inset-The ruins of Kucha) -- Asia, ca. 750 A.D. -- The T'ang Dynasty, 618-906 A.D.-Boundaries of 700 A.D. -- The Five Dynasties, 907-960 A.D. -- The Sung, Liao and Chin Dynasties, 960-1280 A.D. (Inset-The delta of the Yangtse) -- Manchuria and Mongolia under the Liao (Kitan) Dynasty, 937-1125 A.D. -- Foreign religions in Central Asia and China up to the 14th century A.D. -- Eastern, Central and Southern Asia, 1141 A.D. (Inset-The ruins near Turfan-The ruins of Hui-ning) -- K'ai-feng and Hang-chou, ancient and modern -- Beginnings of the Mongol empire-Boundaries of 1234 A.D. -- Asia under the Mongols, 1290 A.D. (Inset-The ruins of Karakorum-The ruins of Shang-tu) -- The Yuan (Mongol) Dynasty, 1280-1368 A.D. -- Europe in search of new routes to India and China, 1486-1616 A.D. (Inset-Toscanelli's map, 1474 A.D.) -- Asia during the Ming Dynasty - Boundaries of 1415 A.D. (Inset-The northwestern frontier of China) -- The Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644 A.D. - Boundaries of 1580 A.D. -- Peking and Nanking, ancient and modern -- Eastern, Central and Southern Asia, 1760 A.D. (Inset-The summer residence of Jehol) -- Chinese Turkistan, 1820 A.D. -- The Manchu Empire and the European powers, 1644-1912 A.D. -- The Ch'ing (Manchu) Dynasty-Boundaries of 1900 A.D. -- Peiping-Tientsin, Kuan-tung, Wei-hai-wei, Kiaochou, Shanghai, Kuang-Chou-wang, Canton-Macao-Hongkong -- Wu-han, Tientsin, Nanking-Shanghai, the plain of Ch'eng-tu, Canton or Fan-yu -- The Chinese Republic with Tibet and Mongolia-Political, racial, and linguistic (Inset - The modern subdivisions of the Mongol Republic) -- Modern northwest China-Political -- Modern Chinese Turkistan (Hsin-chiang)-Political and economic -- Modern northeastern China-Political -- Modern Manchuria-Political (Inset-Mukden) -- Modern Manchuria and Mongolia-Economic (Inset-Foreign trade of Manchuria for 1930) -- Modern southeastern China-Political (Inset-Hai-nan) -- Modern Tibet (Hsi-K'ang and Hsi-tsang) - Political and economic (Inset-Lhasa) -- Modern southwestern China-Political -- Modern China-Agriculture and live stock -- Modern China-Minerals and mining -- Modern China-Industries -- Modern China-Traffic and communications (Inset-Foreign trade of China proper) -- Chinese abroad, ca. 1930 A.D.

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