Sera Monastery

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360º Panoramas of Sera Monastery in Tibet

In front of Trehor Regional House (tre hor khang tshan) Headquarters and Kitchen

Image Panning: Hold left mouse button down and drag left or right.
Zoom In/Out: Use the Shift & Ctrl keys on your computer keyboard.

This regional house, one of the largest and most important of the Jé College (grwa tshang byes), housed monks from Kham (khams) in eastern Tibet. You are facing southeast, and the two-story building you see ahead of you is the Keutsang Lama’s Residence (ke’u tshang bla brang). Now zoom out and pan right. The mounds you see before you are the ruins of various buildings that stood on this site. Continuing to pan right, you come to a long row of monks’ rooms that belongs to the Trehor Apartment House (tre hor spyi khang). To the right of that is the front façade of the temple, and to its right, partially below ground because it is buried in rubble, is the temple’s kitchen.

Panorama Quicktime Views of Sera Monastery

Each panorama includes a description, and a map of Sera with the location of the panorama clearly marked.
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