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Trehor Kitchen
(tre hor rung khang)

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THL Reference Number: s062b

College Affiliation: J (byes)

Regional House Affiliation: Trehor (tre hor)

Trehor Regional House (tre hor khang tshan) is renowned for having produced some of the most important scholars in Sera (se ra) history. Some of the more important teachers in recent memory include Trehor Chdz (tre hor chos mdzad, d. in Tibet prior to 1959); Khenzur Lopzang Wangchuk (mkhan zur blo bzang dbang phyug, d. 1980s, Sera-India); Gesh Ngawang Dargy (dge bshes ngag dbang dar rgyas, 1921-1995), who taught for many years at the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives in Dharamsala, India, where he became the teacher to many Western students; and Gesh Rapten (dge bshes rab brtan, 1920-1986) see

The Trehor Regional House temple used to be flanked on three sides by monastic quarters. Only the west wing of these rooms exists today. The main regional house temple used to be five stories tall. The top two stories were destroyed and have not been rebuilt. These used to house lama residences (bla ma). The second story above the temple contained, on one side, the residence of the regional house teacher (khang tshan dge rgan), and on the other side, the meeting hall for the senior staff. The protector deity chapel of this regional house was, and continues to be, on the second floor as well. The small building at the southeastern corner of the regional house temple is the newly rebuilt kitchen. The murals inside Trehor Regional House are said to be almost entirely original. (Two small areas were repainted due to water damage). The murals include the eighty deeds of Tsongkhapa (tsong kha pa). The upper part of the main altar used to contain a multitude of small Tsongkhapa statues, but these no longer exist. The funds for the renovation of the regional house came mostly from older ex-monks and from lay sponsors.


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