Sera Monastery

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360º Panoramas of Sera Monastery in Tibet

Image Panning: Hold left mouse button down and drag left or right.
Zoom In/Out: Use the Shift & Ctrl keys on your computer keyboard.

You are facing northwest, toward the debate throne (dam khri) with a solar water-heater in front of it. The throne is covered by an awning to protect the paintings behind it. Now zoom out and pan right and you will see the front of the temple, and if you continue to pan right, you will eventually see the kitchen building (painted yellow) and then the newly rebuilt entryway to the courtyard.

Panorama Quicktime Views of Sera Monastery

Each panorama includes a description, and a map of Sera with the location of the panorama clearly marked.
NOTE: These panorama download sizes vary from 250kb to 1250kb