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Title: Bioethics in Thailand : the struggle for Buddhist solutions
Language of title: English
Author/Creator: P. Ratanakul

Description: The Thai concern for bioethics has been stimulated by the departure of Thai medicine from its long tradition through the introduction of Western medical models. Bioethics is now being taught to Thai medical students emphasizing moral insights and principles found within Thai culture. These are to a large extent Buddhist themes. Veracity is always a duty for people in general and medical personnel in particular. Falsehoods and deception cannot be morally justified simply on the grounds that we think it is good for another. Buddhism also prohibits killing. The doctrine of kamma holds that joys and sorrows are the result of one's own past actions. Kamma must run its course or will be manifest in a future life. Mercy-killing also violates the Buddhist psychology. A physician who kills subconsciously transfers his aversion to suffering to the one who embodies the suffering. Buddhist justice is understood in terms of impartiality and equal treatment. Compassion goes beyond justice to self-giving and self-denial. It is central to the path to the attainment of highest human fulfillment.

Publisher Place: Dordrecht
Publisher: D. Reidel Pub. Co.
Normalized publisher place: Boston, MA
Publisher country: United States
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Published Date: 1988-08
Subject: Thailand
Medical education
Sanctity of life
Classification: Buddhism and Science -- Related Humanities -- Ethics -- Buddhist Ethics
Buddhism and Science -- Related Humanities -- Ethics -- Bioethics
Buddhism and Science -- Medicine -- Medical Ethics
Cultural Coverage: Thailand
Temporal coverage: 20th century CE
Language: English
Series 2 editor:
Source: The Journal of medicine and philosophy
Source Type: Journal
Source Volume: 13
Source Number: 3
Source Page Numbers: 301-312
Start Date: 1976
Frequency of publication: Quarterly
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ISBN/ISSN: 0360-5310
Location and access number: 3199047

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