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Title: The Early Abbots of ’Phan-po Na-lendra: The Vicissitudes of a Great Tibetan Monastery in the 15th Century
Language of title: English
Author/Creator: David Paul Jackson

Description: In tracing the early history of Penpo Nalendra ('phan po na len+d+ra, aka 'phan yul na len+d+ra) Monastery, Jackson provides accounts of its first eight abbots and of the conflicts the monastery had with Gelukpa (dge lugs pa) monasteries in the late 1480s. Included is a Tibetan history of Nalendra, a listing of the traditional divisions and estate holdings of the monastery, and a listing of more recent abbots.
(Kevin Vose 2004-04-06)

Publisher Place: Wien
Publisher: Arbeitskreis für Tibetische und Buddhistische Studien, Universität Wien
Normalized publisher place: Vienna
Publisher country: Austria
Publisher URL: http://www.univie.ac.at/ISTB/html/ger/versteh/arbeitskreis.html
Published Date: 1989
Extent: 79 p. ; 24 cm
Subject: Nalendra ('phan yul na len+dra) Monastery
Classification: Tibetan and Himalayan -- Religion -- Tibetan Sects -- Sakya (sa skya)
Tibetan and Himalayan -- History -- Religious History -- Sakyapa (sa skya pa)
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Religion -- Monasteries -- Sects -- Sakyapa (sa skya pa)
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Religion -- Monasteries -- Region -- Tibet -- Central Tibet (dbus gtsang)
Buddhist Studies -- Buddhist Studies Book Series -- WSTB: Wiener Studien zur Tibetologie und Buddhismuskunde
Cultural Coverage: Tibet
Temporal coverage: 15th century CE
Language: English
Series Title: Wiener Studien zur Tibetologie und Buddhismuskunde
Series editor: Ernst Steinkellner
Series volume: 23
Format: Text
Resource Type: Book (single author)
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