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Buddhism & science : breaking new ground
This volume contains contributions from prominent Buddhists, scholars, physicists, neurologists, and others on topics where Buddhism and the sciences share common ground. The book is divided into thre...
Buddhism and science : allies or enemies?
This essay discusses the areas where Buddhism and science converge, what they can learn from each other, and what will remain unique to each in terms of issues of causality, morality, and the pursuit ...
Buddhism and science : on the nature of the dialogue
Buddhist scholar José Cabezón looks at the history of the dialogue between Buddhism and science. He outlines the way Buddhism has been an object of scientific investigation in various ways and the e...
Buddhism meets western science
Buddhist author, teacher, and psychotherapist talks about mind and consciousness from the perspective of Buddhism. (Zach Rowinski 2004-05-24)
Inside mind and life : a quarterly newsletter of the mind and life institute
In this first newsletter of the Mind and Life institute, the institute reports some of its current activities, research programs, services, notices of upcoming publications, and an outline of future ...
Investigating the mind : exchanges between Buddhism and the biobehavioral sciences on how the mind works
This is the conference website for periodic conferences between the Dalai Lama and Western scientists and philosophers. Content on the site is specific to the latest conference that has taken place. T...
Mind and Life Institute
The Mind and Life Institute was created as a result of communication between the Dalai Lama and Western scientists interested in pursuing the interface between science and Buddhism. Since 1987 the Min...
Overlapping worlds
This article outlines some of the potential problems and objections to an exchange between Buddhism and science and offers solutions by rethinking about the nature and practice of both disciplines. (Z...
The Buddha and the search for evidence
In this very short letter to the editor, the author quotes a sūtra (scripture) spoken by the Buddha in which he encourages the Kalamas people not to simply believe in something simply because i...
The lama in the lab
This article provides a general profile of the Mind and Life Institute, a group established by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Western scientists to pursue the interface between Buddhism and science t...
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