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Title: འཛམ་གླིང་གངས་རྒྱལ་ཏི་སེའི་དཀར་ཆག་ཚངས་དབྱངས་ཡིད་ཕྲོག (’dzam gling gangs rgyal ti se’i dkar chag tshangs dbyangs yid phrog)
Language of title: Tibetan
Author/Creator: Karru Drupwang Tendzin Rinchen (dkar ru grub dbang bstan ’dzin rin chen/)

Description: Description to be added.

Publisher Place: Dolanji
Publisher: Tibetan Bonpo Monastic Centre
Normalized publisher place: Dolanji
Publisher country: India
Published Date: 1973
Extent: 166 pp.
Classification: Tibetan and Himalayan -- Archaeology -- Bellezza Bibliography
Language: Tibetan
Interface Language: Tibetan
Source: མཛོད་ཕུག་རྩ་བ་དང་སྤྱི་དོན་དང་གངས་ཏི་སེའི་དཀར་ཆག (mdzod phug rtsa ba dang spyi don dang gangs ti se’i dkar chag)
Source Type: Book (single author)
Source Page Numbers: 491-657
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Media type: Text
Resource Type: Article
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