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"Buddhism in Tibet" by Emil Schlagintweit, LL.D. (1863)
The entire text of a mid-nineteenth century work on Tibetan Buddhism. Despite the sketchy knowledge of Buddhism in Europe at the time, this has a surprising level of detail about the subject, due to t...
Bhutan, fortress of the gods
Online catalog of a recent exhibit on Bhutanese culture and religion. The website contains many didactic and interactive pages that offer insight into Himalayan Buddhism. It contains a fair amount of ...
Buddhist liturgies, practices, and sutras
A collection of common Tibetan liturgies, including opening prayers and rites of evocation (sadhana). Many of the rites of evocation are illustrated with images of the respective deities.
Ḍākinīs in the Cakrasaṃvara Tradition
This text looks at the significance of ḍākinīs, which represent feminine aspects of the enlightened Buddha, in two Saṃvara tantras. (Mark Premo-Hopkins, 2004-01-27)
Dudjom Buddhist Association International
Hong Kong-based Tibetan Buddhist group of the Nyingma sect. This website contains many historical photgraphs of important lamas from the last century, and full-text editions of their magazine, Light o...
Dzogchen Monastery in Eastern Tibet
A thorough profile of Dzokchen Monastery in eastern Tibet produced by a reincarnate lama from the monastery. The history of the institution (founded in 1685) is one of the best such accounts of any Ti...
Dzogchen Monastery in India
The official website of Dzogchen Monastery in India, the twin of the original monastery in eastern Tibet. One of the more informative elements of the site is the clear layout of the three inter-relate...
Library of Tibetan Works and Archives
A major center in India for textual preservation of Tibetan literature and scriptures, and education in Tibetan language and Buddhism. The LTWA is also a publishing house and is best known for its Tib...
Life and Activities of Atiśa (Dīpaṃkaraśrījnāna): A Survey of Investigations Undertaken
Using primary Tibetan resources, as well as recent biographical publications, this source makes a critical attempt to arrive at the actual life events of Atiśa (Dīpaṃkaraśrījnāna). (Mark Premo-...
Millenarianism in Tibetan Religion
The article looks at the psychological conditions that lend themselves to the creation of millenarian ideas, and investigates whether the Tibetan refugee situation has led to any millenarianism. (Mar...
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