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Buddhism and behaviour modification
There has been in recent years a growing interest in the similarities between Buddhism and the principles and practice of behaviour modification. Mikulas, for example, has pointed out many similaritie...
Encountering Buddhism : Western psychology and Buddhist teachings
Scholars, research scientists, and therapists look at what it means to encounter, sometimes struggle with, be inspired by, and attempt to integrate Buddhist teachings into their own worldviews and pro...
On being a non-Buddhist Buddhist : a conversation with myself
In this chapter of the volume Encountering Buddhism : Western Psychology and Buddhist Teachings, author Seth Robert Segal, a professor at Yale School of Medicine and the director of psychology ...
Psychotherapist and expansion of awareness
The author emphasizes the therapist's well-integrated and matured personality as the crucial element for being a good psychotherapist; therefore, it is essential for a psychotherapist to make ceaseles...
Samsara divided by zero : can chaos theory help us understand enlightenment?
Thānissaro Bhikkhu, a Western monk trained in the Thai Buddhist tradition, explores non-linear causality and the assertion that Buddhist enlightenment is uncaused. He introduces Poincaré's discovery...

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