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[Viewpoints of 7 religions on contraception, prenatal diagnosis, induced abortion and infant death]
Increasing numbers of people from other cultures have migrated to the Nordic countries. Most of them are young people who often differ from us in their traditions and their attitudes to contraception,...
Bioethics in Thailand : the struggle for Buddhist solutions
The Thai concern for bioethics has been stimulated by the departure of Thai medicine from its long tradition through the introduction of Western medical models. Bioethics is now being taught to Thai m...
Cell ethics matter of Buddhist personal choice
This editorial highlights the views and practices of Buddhists from traditionally Buddhist countries on the use of embryonic stem cells. While Buddhist teachings (specifically the Vinaya) says that li...
No clear Buddhist stance on stem cell work
In this short editorial, Damien Keown discusses Buddhist perspectives on stem cell use. He outlines the conditions under which use of stem cells may be acceptable. Therapeutic use of stem cells is not...
Science as koan : stem cell researcher and Zen student Dr. Neil Theise discovers the synergy between dharma practice and scientific inquiry
In this short article, a stem cell researcher who practices Zen meditation reflects on how his meditation experiences have helped him see the body, and in turn, reality, in different ways. (Zach Row...
The ethical, legal and religious aspects of preembryo research
Recent advances in the field of reproduction have made it possible to obtain preembryos and to use them in many research applications. These include research into improving methods of IVF treatment, c...

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