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Date Of Record Release: 2009-02-26 23:35:51
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Title: 蒙古語大辞典 (Mokogo Daijiten)
Language of title: Japanese
Alternate title in translation: Dictionnaire Mongol-Russe-Fançais
Language of Translated Alternate Title: French
Author/Creator: 鈴江万太郎 (Suzue Mantaro)
下永憲次 (Shimonaga Kenji)
One Sentence Summary: A Mongol-Tibetan-Japanese dictionary.

Description: A Mongol-Tibetan-Japanese dictionary. Said to be a translation of Kowalewski’s Dictionnaire Mongol-Russe-Fançais. (Michael Walter and Manfred Taube 2006-05-15, revised by Bill McGrath 2008-01-03)

Original/Translation: Translation
Publisher Place: Tokyo
Publisher: 楷行社
Normalized publisher place: Tokyo
Publisher country: Japan
Published Date: 1933
Edition: Japanese trans. ed.
Extent: 2 v. (2523 p.)
Classification: Tibetan and Himalayan -- Reference Resources -- Dictionaries -- Tibetan Dictionaries -- Tibetan-Japanese Dictionaries
Tibetan and Himalayan -- Reference Resources -- Dictionaries -- Tibetan Dictionaries -- Tibetan-Mongolian Dictionaries
Language: Japanese

Other Editions: Dictionnaire Mongol-Russe-Fançais, 1st ed.

Dictionnaire Mongol-Russe-Fançais, 2nd ed.

Dictionnaire Mongol-Russe-Fançais, 3rd ed.

Dictionnaire Mongol-Russe-Fançais, 4th ed.

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Resource Type: Dictionary
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