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Die Ausbildung Buddhistischer Mönche in Tibet
Article discusses the process of training Tibetan Buddhist monks. (Mark Premo-Hopkins, 2004-01-21)
Some Considerations of the Early History of Bhutan
Article looks at Bhutan's early history to discuss how and why Buddhism has survived and flourished to the extent that Buddhism is recognized as the state religion of Bhutan. (Mark Premo-Hopkins 2004-...
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A Tibetan Enclave in Yunnan: Land, Kinship, and Inheritance in Gyethang
Article discusses the survival of traditional Tibetan lifestyles in the border areas of what is understood as geographical Tibet. These more marginal groups provide interesting cultural variation to ...
A Bon-po Death Ceremony
This article gives the background of the Bönpo death ceremony, as well giving a detailed description of the ritual and events involved in the ceremony. (Mark Premo-Hopkins 2004-01-16)
Probleme einer Neubearbeitung buddhistischer des Bar-do-thos-grol
Article looks at problems that might arise in attempts to revise the Bardo Tödröl ("Tibetan Book of the Dead"). (Mark Premo-Hopkins, 2004-01-16)
The Place of Music and Chant in Tibetan Religious Culture
The article discusses the historical/textual evidence of the importance of music and chanting in Tibetan religious culture. The piece focuses on the relationships between form, style, and intonation ...
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