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The Unreal World of Tibetan Free Verse Poetry: A Preliminary Study on Topics and Themes in Contemporary Tibetan Free Verse Poetry
Description to be added.
Territory and Identity in Tibet and the Himalayas. PIATS 2000: Tibetan Studies: Proceedings of the Ninth Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies, Leiden 2000
This volume brings together papers dedicated to issues of territory as it relates to culture, language, and history. The volume is divided into sections by region, covering the cultural areas of centr...
Lhachö [Lha mchod] and Hrinän [Sri gnon]: The Structure and Diachrony of a Pair of Rituals
Description to be added.
Hermeneutique des tantra: Le Ye shes rdo rje kun las btus pa'i rgyud las 'byung ba'i rgyan bdun rnam par dgrol ba de Śraddhikaravarman
Description to be added.
A Gnyos Lineage Thangka
Description to be added.
The Reassessment of the Meaning of an Icon from Khara Khoto in the Light of a Tibetan Text from Dunhuang
Description to be added.
The Wheel of Life in the Twelfth Century Western Tibetan Cave Temple of Pedongpo
Description to be added.
The Ceiling Paintings of the Alchi gsum brtsegs: Problems of Style
Description to be added.
Did Atiśa Visit Zha lu Monastery? Tracing Atiśa's Influence on Tibetan Iconography
This paper explores the history of Zhalu (zha lu) monastery in Tsang (gtsang) province of Tibet, and its possible relationship with Atiśa. Both textual evidence and clues from the monastery’s art a...
Exploring the Hidden Buddhist Treasures of Kinnaur (Khu nu): A Study of the Lha khang chen mo, Ribba
A description of the architecture and art of the Lha khang chen mo in the town of Ribba in northern India. The temple houses sculptures, murals, inscriptions, and wood carving, all of which are...
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