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Review of Robert Powell, Himalayan Drawings
This is a review by Mark Turin of Robert Powell, Himalayan Drawings.
Call Me Uncle: An Outsider's Experience of Nepali Kinship
The article discusses kinship terminology in Nepal. Kinship terminology is a natural meeting point for the disciplines of anthropology and linguistics. The author reveals that the socio-linguistic cha...
Review of Kanak Mani Dixit and Shastri Ramachandan, State of Nepal
This is a review by Mark Turin of Kanak Mani Dixit and Shastri Ramachandan, State of Nepal.
Nepalese in Tibet: A Case Study of Nepalese Half-breeds (1856-1956)
Description to be added.
Rethinking Tibeto-Burman: Linguistic Identities and Classifications in the Himalayan Periphery
Description to be added.
Never Lost in Himalayan Space
This a review by Mark Turin of Himalayan Space: Cultural Horizons and Practices 1999 edited by Balthasar Bickel and Martin Gaenszle.
Too Many Stars and Not Enough Sky: Language and Ethnicity among the Thakali of Nepal
This article is based on the study of Thakali population in Nepal. It focuses on language and ethnicity among the Thakali. (Rajeev Ranjan Singh 2007-03-05)
Thangmi - Nepali - English online dictionary
A trilingual online dictionary of Thangmi, Nepali and English which displays using Nepali characters. Approximately 2,000 entries and the first online deployment of a Nepali Unicode language database....
Ethnonyms and Other-Nyms: Linguistic Anthropology among the Thangmi of Nepal
Description to be added.
Learning Nepali the SOAS Way
In this review, Mark Turin surveys several books that aim to teach the Nepali language. He notes the strengths and weaknesses of these materials before focusing on Michael Hutt and Abhi Subedi's Te...
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