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Gray Traces: Tracing the Tibetan Teaching Transmission of the Mngon pa kun btus (Abhidharmasamuccaya) through the Early Period of Disunity
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Crystals and Images from Bodies, Hearts and Tongues from Fire: Points of Relic Controversy from Tibetan History
This article looks at polemical arguments between Sakyapas (sa skya pa) and Kagyüpa (bka’ ’gyud pa) over relics. Small relics (ring bsrel) are often regarded in Tibet as appearing...
Lay Religious Movements in 11th- and 12th-century Tibet: A Survey of Sources
Description to be added.
Illusion Web: Locating the Guhyagarbha Tantra in Buddhist Intellectual History
Description to be added.
Tibet at the Center: A Historical Study of Some Tibetan Geographical Conceptions Based on Two Types of Country-lists Found in Bon Histories
Description to be added.
Drung, De'u and Bön: Narrations, Symbolic Languages and the Bön Tradition in Ancient Tibet by Namkhai Norbu, translated into English from Italian by Andrew Lukianowicz [review article]
Description to be added.
Kar gliṅ Źi khro: A Tantric Buddhist Concept by Henk Blezer [review]
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Tables of Contents (dKar chag)
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Review of Bri-gung Chos-rje 'Jig-rten-mgon-po, Prayer Flags; and Kun-dga'-rin-chen, The Garland of Mahamudra Practices
A review by Dan Martin of 'Bri-gung Chos-rje 'Jig-rten-mgon-po, et al., Prayer Flags (translated by Khenpo Rin-poche Könchog Gyaltsen); and of Kun-dga'-rin-chen, The Garland of Mahamu...
On the Origin and the Significance of the Prayer Wheel According to Two Nineteenth-Century Tibetan Literary Sources
While Tibetan sources on the subject are rare, this article looks at two short Tibetan pieces which give accounts of the origin and use of the prayer wheel. The first work, which was written by Gungta...
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