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Notes on References to 'Bri-Gung-pa-Mongol Contact in the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries
Description to be added.
Some Notes on the Early 'Bri-gung-pa Sgom-pa
Description to be added.
Rtsa-mi lo-tsā-ba Sangs-rgyas Grags-pa and the Tangut Background to Early Mongol-Tibetan Relations
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'Lama to the King of Hsia'
This article explores the relationship between the Tangut court and Tibetan lamas, particularly those of various Kagyü (bka' brgyud) orders. Toward the end of the Tangut Empire's existence, Ti...
Review of J. Kolmaš, ed., Chinese Studies on Tibetan Culture
A review by Elliot Sperling of J. Kolmaš, ed., Chinese Studies on Tibetan Culture.
Review of Ngapo Ngawang Jigmei, et al., Tibet
A review by Elliot Sperling of Ngapo Ngawang Jigmei, et al., Tibet.
The 1413 Ming Embassy to Tsong-kha-pa and the Arrival of Byams-chen Chos-rje Shākya Ye-shes at the Ming Court
This brief article traces a Ming mission to Tibet and Nepal in 1413 by looking at several primary sources. During the mission, the envoy, Hou Hsien, had audience with Tsongkhapa (tsong kha pa), in res...
The 5th Karma-pa and Some Aspects of the Relationship between Tibet and the Early Ming
The article looks at the complex relationships established between Tibet and China during the early Ming dynasty. The Chinese and the Tibetans were involved in governmental dialogue, as well as a goo...
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