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On the Tibetan Controversy Concerning the Various Ways of Replying to Prasaṅgas
Description to be added.
Monastic Debate in Tibet: A Study of the History and Structures of bsDus drwa Logic
Description to be added.
bsDus grwa Literature
Description to be added.
Classifications of Logical Mark of Non-cognition in Tibetan Buddhism
Description to be added.
Phya pa Chos kyi seng ge's Theory of 'gal ba
Although none of Chapa Chökyi Senggé’s (phya pa chos kyi sengge, 1109-1169) works are known to have survived, this article attempts to piece together his theory on contraries (&#x...
Some Inconsistencies of Colour Composition Techniques in Tibet
A brief survey of four Tibetan texts dealing with the mixing of colors for painting. The texts were written by Deumar Geshé Tendzin Puntsok (de’u dmar dge bshes bstan ’dzin phun tshogs, 1725-?), ...
The Chronology of the Abbatial Successions of the gsaê phu sne’u thog Monastery
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