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A Man of the Frontier – The Life and Times of Sonam Wangfel Laden La
Sonam Wangfel Laden La was a unique personality on the India Tibet frontier during the first three decades of the twentieth century. Born into a Sikkimese lama family, long established in Darjeeling, ...
The Monetisation of Bhutan
Description to be added.
Coinage in Bhutan
Description to be added.
The Development of Currency in Tibet
This article looks at how most TIbetan transactions were handled by means of barter until contact between Tibet and China increased during the 13th century. Up until this point currency was only somt...
The Monetisation of Nepal in the Seventeenth Century
An initial study of the monetisation of Nepal using the currency systems of India for comparision and clarification. (Mark Turin 2004-06-16)
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