Sera Monastery

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Panoramas of Sera Monastery in Tibet

Purchok Lamas Residence
(phur mchog bla brang)

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Images of Purchok Lamas Residence

THL Reference Number: s055

College Affiliation: J (byes)

Regional House Affiliation: Lhopa (lho pa)

The residence of the lamas (bla ma) of the Purchok (phur lcog) incarnation lineage, this compound was one of the largest lama residences (bla brang) of the monastery. It may be that the enclave also housed the Khardo Lamas (mkhar rdo bla ma) residence. The Purchok incarnations were among the most important lamas of Sera (se ra). Their lineage originates with the great scholar/saint Purchok Ngawang Jampa (phur lcog ngag dbang byams pa, 1682-1782), who was the tutor to the Eighth Dalai Lama. The present compound was probably built in the eighteenth century, at the time that Purchok Jampa Gyatso (phur lcog byams pa rgya mtsho, 1825-1901) served as the tutor to the Thirteenth Dalai Lama. It is affiliated with the Lhopa Regional House (lho pa khang tshan) of J College (grwa tshang byes).


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