Sera Monastery

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Panoramas of Sera Monastery in Tibet

Samlo Apartment Compound
(bsam lo spyi khang)

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Images of Samlo Apartment Compound

THL Reference Number: s054

College Affiliation: J (byes)

Regional House Affiliation: Samlo (bsam lo)

Samlo apartment house (bsam lo spyi khang), aka Chdz Ling (chos mdzad gling)

This spacious apartment complex, located near the main gate of the monastery, belongs to the Samlo Regional House (bsam lo khang tshan). It seems that at one point in its history it was the residence of one of the lamas (bla ma) in the Mongolian Khelkha Jetsn Dampa (khal kha rje btsun dam pa) incarnation lineage. It consists of monastic quarters built around a large central courtyard, two stories on each side except for the northern side, which has three stories.


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