Sera Monastery

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Panoramas of Sera Monastery in Tibet

Gungru Regional House Headquarters
(gung ru)

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Images of Gungru Regional House Headquarters

THL Reference Number: s010

College Affiliation: M (smad)

Regional House Affiliation: Gungru (gung ru)

This regional house (khang tshan was destroyed in 1959, and has since been completely rebuilt with private donations. The renovation work was completed in 1994. Only two buildings have been restored, however: the regional house temple (three stories), and a small, one-story building opposite the temple that contains monks quarters and a kitchen. The interior walls of the temple lack any murals, since the monks did not receive sufficient donations to have this artwork done. All statuary is new. The main altar contains a statue of Gungru Gyeltshen Zangpo (gung ru rgyal mtshan bzang po, 1383-1450), one of the early holders of the Sera (se ra) throne, and an important figure in the establishment of philosophical studies at the monastery.


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