Sera Monastery

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Panoramas of Sera Monastery in Tibet

Metsang Regional House Headquarters
(smad gtsang)

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Images of Metsang Regional House Headquarters

THL Reference Number: s009

College Affiliation: M (smad)

Regional House Affiliation: Metsang (smad gtsang)

Like its sister regional house (khang tshan) of J College (grwa tshang byes), which it abuts on its western side, this regional house too was destroyed by the shelling of Sera (se ra) in 1959. It was completely rebuilt from the ground up in the 1980s. It would appear that many of the monks who were members of the larger monasteries of Tsang (gtsang) would enter Jetsang Regional House (byes gtsang khang tshan), while monks from smaller monasteries and/or from outlying areas would enter Metsang (smad gtsang).


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