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The New Tibetan-English Dictionary of Modern Tibetan
A Tibetan-English dictionary. (Bill McGrath 2008-01-03)
The Cult of Tārā: Magic and Ritual in Tibet
Description to be added.
An English-Sherpa-Tibetan Vocabulary
An English-Shar pa-Tibetan vocabulary. (Michael Walter and Manfred Taube 2006-05-15, revised by Bill McGrath 2008-01-03)
English-Tibetan Dictionary of Modern Tibetan
This English-Tibetan dictionary of modern Tibetan was written by Melvyn Goldstein, one of the foremost lexicographers of modern Tibetan language. (Steve Weinberger 2008-03-13)
Land and Social Change in East Nepal: A Study of Hindu-Tribal Relations
Creator’s Description: This book examines the relations between the Limbus, an indigenous "tribal" people, and the Hindus who have entered their region during the past two hundred years. It d...
A History of Modern Tibet, Volume 2: The Calm before the Storm, 1951-55
Description to be added.
Survival of a Culture: Tibetan Refugees in India
Description to be added.
Echoes from Dharamsala: Music in the Life of a Tibetan Refugee Community
Description to be added.
Wind horse : proceedings of the North American Tibetological Society
This volume publishes papers delivered at the first conference of the North American Tibetological Society, held at the Institute of Buddhist Studies in Berkeley, California on August 25, 1979. (Kevi...
Essentials of modern literary Tibetan : a reading course and reference grammar
One of the best grammar references for modern literary Tibetan language. While it is geared toward modern literary Tibetan (literature, history, current affairs, newspapers, and so forth), its princip...
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