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Two Buddhist Librarians: The Proximate Mechanisms for Northern Thai Buddhist History
Description to be added.
Between Zhongfeng Mingben and Zhao Mengfu: Chan Letters in their Manuscript Context
Description to be added.
Emending Perfection. Prescript, Postscript and Practice in Newar Buddhist Manuscript Culture
Description to be added.
Flowers for the Dhamma: Painted Buddhist Palm-leaf Manuscript Covers from Sri Lanka
Description to be added.
Introducing Tibetan Buddhism
Creator's Description: This is designed as an undergraduate textbook on Tibetan Buddhism. The general perspective is similar to that of Civilized Shamans, but the scale and detail are mo...
From Text to Image: Copying as Buddhist Practice in Late Fourteenth-Century Sukhothai
Description to be added.
From Words to Books: Indian Buddhist Manuscripts in the First Millennium CE
Description to be added.
Diverse Aspects of the Mongolian Buddhist Manuscript Culture and Realms of Its Influence
Description to be added.
Buddhist Manuscript Cultures: Knowledge, Ritual, and Art
Publishers Description: Buddhist Manuscript Cultures explores how religious and cultural practices in premodern Asia were shaped by literary and artistic traditions as well as by Buddhist mater...
Having A ‘Safe Delivery’: Conflicting Views from Tibet
Description to be added.
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