Sera Monastery

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Panoramas of Sera Monastery in Tibet

Ngakpa Apartment Building
(sngags pa spyi khang)

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Images of Ngakpa Apartment Building

THL Reference Number: s043a

College Affiliation: Ngakpa (sngags pa)

Regional House Affiliation: none

Today this is a residential apartment building (spyi khang) that is part of the Tantric College (sngags pa grwa tshang) complex. It is inhabited by the monks of the Tantric College. Before 1959, however, the Tantric College had no dormitories of its own, so that Tantric College monks had to live in the rooms of the various regional houses belonging to J (byes) and M (smad) Colleges (the Tsa [tsha] Regional House of M College especially housed many Tantric College monks). The present complex, the Tantric apartment building (sngags pa spyi khang), then, must have belonged to another regional house before 1959. It may have been that this was originally an apartment house belonging to Metsa (smad tsha) Regional House perhaps the Metsa apartment building known as the long house (khang ring) but this remains to be confirmed.


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