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Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies


Si tu paṇ chen: Creation and Cultural Engagement in Eighteenth-Century Tibet

Issue 7 (August 2013)

Editor-in-Chief: David Germano
Guest Editor: Karl Debreczeny
Book Review Editor: Bryan J. Cuevas
Managing Editor: Steven Weinberger
Assistant Editors: Naomi Worth, Ben Nourse, and William McGrath
Technical Director: Nathaniel Grove
ISSN: 1550-6363

“Si tu paṇ chen chos kyi ’byung gnas in History: A Brief Note” – Elliot Sperling
“Si tu paṇ chen and the House of Sde dge: A Demanding but Beneficial Relationship” – Rémi Chaix
“The Prolific Preceptor: Si tu paṇ chen’s Career as Ordination Master in Khams and Its Effect on Sectarian Relations in Sde dge” – Jann Ronis
“Purity in the Pudding and Seclusion in the Forest: Si tu paṇ chen, Monastic Ideals, and the Buddha’s Biographies” – Nancy Lin
“Si tu paṇ chen and His Painting Style: A Retrospective” – Tashi Tsering
“Si tu paṇ chen’s Artistic Legacy in ’Jang” – Karl Debreczeny
“Mercury, Mad Dogs, and Smallpox: Medicine in the Si tu paṇ chen Tradition” – Frances Garrett
“Si tu paṇ chen on Scholarship” – Kurtis R. Schaeffer
“Notes Apropos to the Oeuvre of Si tu paṇ chen Chos kyi ’byung gnas (1699?-1774) (4): A Tibetan Sanskritist in Nepal” – Peter Verhagen
Other Articles
“Arriving Ahead of Time: The Ma ’das sprul sku and Issues of Sprul sku Personhood” – Marcia S. Calkowski
“The Significant Leap from Writing to Print: Editorial Modification in the First Printed Edition of the Collected Works of Sgam po pa Bsod nams rin chen” – Ulrich Timme Kragh
“In the Hidden Valley of the White Conch: The Inscription of a Bhutanese Pure Land” – Bryan Phillips
Book Reviews
“Review of A Noble Noose of Methods, The Lotus Garland Synopsis: A Mahāyoga Tantra and Its Commentary, by Cathy Cantwell and Robert Mayer” – Giacomella Orofino