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The Jiaqing Emperor’s Magnificent Record
Patricia Berger, University of California, Berkeley
JIATS, no. 6 (December 2011), THL #T5711, pp. 349-371
Glossary (pp. 364-369)


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Note: The glossary is organized into sections according to the main language of each entry. The first section contains Tibetan words organized in Tibetan alphabetical order. To jump to the entries that begin with a particular Tibetan root letter, click on that letter below. Columns of information for all entries are listed in this order: THL Extended Wylie transliteration of the term, THL Phonetic rendering of the term, the English translation, the Sanskrit equivalent, the Chinese equivalent, other equivalents such as Mongolian or Latin, and the type of term. To view the glossary sorted by any one of these rubrics, click on the corresponding label (such as “Phonetics”) at the top of its column.

Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
lcang skya rol pa'i rdo rje Changja Rölpé Dorjé    Person 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
rol pa'i rdo rje     Person 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
sa skya ye shes Sakya Yeshé    Person 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
 White Cloud Monastery  Baiyun Si  
 Precious Truth Monastery  Baodi Si  (寶諦寺) Monastery 
 Stele Inscription on the Precious Form  Baoxiang beiwen  (寶相碑文) Article 
 Precious Form Monastery  Baoxiang Si  (寶相寺) Monastery 
 Magnificent Record of the Eightieth Imperial Birthday  Baxun wanshou shengdian  (八旬萬壽盛殿) Text 
 Beaded Grove of the Secret Hall  Bidian zhulin  (秕殿珠林) Text 
 Beaded Grove of the Secret Hall, Third Edition  Bidian zhulin sanbian  (秕殿珠林三編) Text 
   Chang’an Dajie  (長安大街) Name 
   Changling  (昌陵) Place 
   Chengde  (承德) Place 
 Hongli’s Attitude towards Buddhism as Seen from the Perspective of His Poem on His Tours to Wutai Shan  Cong Hongli di xun Tai shi kan qi dui fojiao de taidu  (從弘歴的巡台詩看其對佛教的態度) Article 
 Collected Institutes of the Great Qing  Da Qing huidian  (大清會典) Text 

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 Veritable Records of the Jiaqing Emperor Ruizong Rui of the Great Qing  Da Qing Renzong Rui Jiaqing huangdi shilu  (大清仁宗睿嘉慶皇帝實錄) Text 
   Dai Quheng  (戴衢亨) Person 
   Ding Guanpeng  (丁觀鵬) Person 
   Dong Bangda  (董邦達) Person 
   Dong Gao  (董誥) Person 
 Eastern Tumuli  Dongling  (東陵) Place 
 Memorandum on the Eastern Tour  Dongxun jishi  (東巡紀事) Text 
 Register of Palace Archives  Gongzhong danghao  (宮中檔號) Text 
 Which Princess is Buried in the Princess’ Grave?  Gongzhu fen'ansang di shi nawei gongzhu  (公主坟安葬的是哪位公主) Article 
   Guangdong  (廣東) Place 
 Palace Museum  Gugong Bowuyuan  (故宮博物院) Organization 
 Palace Museum Journal  Gugong bowuyuan yuankan  (故宮博物院院刊) Journal 
 Illustrated Catalog of Calligraphy and Painting in the Palace Museum  Gugong shuhua tulu  (故宮書畫圖錄) Text 
 National Palace Museum  Guoli Gugong Bowuyuan  (國立故宮博物院) Organization 
   Heshen  (和珅) Person 
   Heyu  (和裕) Person 
   Jiangnan  (江南) Place 
   Jiaqing  (嘉慶) Person 
 Court Diaries of the Jiaqing Reign  Jiaqing qiju zhu  (嘉慶起居注) Text 
   Jin  () Dynasty 
 Collection of Materials on Modern Chinese History  Jindai Zhongguo shiliao congkan  (今代中國史料叢刊) Text 
 Jinhe Monastery  Jinhe Si  (金河寺) Monatsery 
 elevated man  juren  (舉人) Term 
   Kangxi  (康熙) Person 
 Collected Discussions of Langji  Langji congtan  (浪跡叢談) Text 
   Liang Guozhi  (梁國治) Person 
   Liang Zhangju  (梁章鉅) Person 
   Liao  () Ethnicity 
   Longquan Guan  (龍泉關) Monastery 

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 Rahu Monastery  Luohou Si  (羅睺寺) Monastery 
   Ming  () Dynasty 
 Magnificent Record of the Southern Tour  Nanxun shengdian  (南巡盛典) Text 
 Picture of the Southern Tour  Nanxun tu  (南巡圖) Text 
   Pan shan  (盤山) Mountain 
   Peng Ling  (彭齡) Person 
   Pusa Ding  (菩薩頂) Building 
   Qianlong  (乾隆) Person 
 Qianlong and Manchu Lama Temples  Qianlong yu Manzu lama siyuan  (乾隆與滿族喇嘛寺院) Article 
   Qing  () Dynasty 
   Qing Gaozong  (清高宗) Text 
 Collected Works of Qing Gaozong  Qing Gaozong yu zhi shi wen quan ji  (清高宗御製詩文全) Text 
 Collection of Qing Dynasty Prints  Qingdai banhua huikan  (清代版畫匯刊) Text 
 Imperially Commissioned Gazetteer of the Clear and Cool Mountains  Qinding Qingliang shan zhi  (欽定清凉山志) Text 
 Magnificent Record of the Clear and Cool Mountains  Qingliang Shan shengdian  (清凉山盛典) Text 
 Qingliang Monastery  Qingliang Si  (清涼寺) Monastery 
   Shanxi  (山西) Place 
 magnificent record  shengdian  (盛典) Term 
   Shengjing  (聖京) Place 
 Records of Twelve Dynasties of Dong Hua  Shier chao donghua lu  (十二朝東華錄) Text 
 Precious Bookcase of the Stone Canal  Shiqu baoji  (石渠寶笈) Text 
   Shunzhi  (順治) Person 
 Shuxiang Monastery  Shuxiang Si  (殊像寺) Monastery 
 Nearing the Shuxiang Monastery Again  Shuxiang Si zai yi  (殊像寺再依) Text 
 Complete Library of the Four Treasures  Siku quanshu  (四庫全書) Text 
   Suote Namu Duobuji  (索特那木多布濟) Person 
   Suzhou  (蘇州) Place 

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   Tailing  (泰陵) Place 
 Tailu Monastery  Tailu si  (台麓寺) Monastery 
 Tayuan Monastery  Tayuan Si  (塔院寺) Monastery 
   Wang Jiapeng  (王家鵬) Person 
 Magnificent Record of the Emperor’s Birthday  Wanshou shengdian  (萬壽盛典) Text 
 Register of Historical Records  Wenxian bianhao  (文獻編號) Text 
   Wu Xiongguang  (吳熊光) Person 
   Wutai shan  (五臺山) Place 
   Wuying Dian  (武英殿) Place 
   Xiang Shan  (香山) Mountain 
 Xiangtong Monastery  Xiantong Si  (顯通寺) Monastery 
   Xiao Wendi  (孝文帝) Person 
 Eight Views of Xiao and Xiang  Xiao xiang bajing  (瀟湘八景) Series 
   Xiaohe Rui  (孝和睿皇后) Person 
 Western Tumuli  Xiling  (西陵) Place 
 Bulletin of Xinzhou Normal College  Xinzhou shifan xueyuan xuebao  (忻州師范學院學報) Journal 
 Magnificent Record of the Western Tour  Xixun shengdian  (西巡盛典) Text 
   Xuande  (宣徳) Person 
   Yang Zhongxi  (楊鐘羲) Person 
   Yanjing  (燕京) Place 
   Yongle  (永樂) Person 
   Yongzheng  (雍正) Person 
   Yuanming Yuan  (圓明園) Place 
   Yuling  (裕陵) Place 
 Imperially Commissioned Complete Concordance of Dhāranī in Manchu, Chinese, Mongolian and Tibetan  Yuzhi Man Han Menggu Xifan hebi dazang quanzhou  (御製滿漢蒙古西番合壁大藏全咒) Text 
 Again Writing on the Shuxiang Monastery  Zai ti Shuxiang Si  (再題殊像寺) Text 
   Zhang Ruo’ai  (張若靄) Person 
   Zhang Ruocheng  (張若澄) Person 
   Zhao Lin’en  (趙林恩) Person 
 Zhenhai Monastery  Zhenhai Si  (鎮海寺) Monastery 
 true speech  zhenyan  (真言) Term 

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 The Chinese Hydrology Research Institute  Zhongguo Shuikeyuan  (中國水科院) Organization 
 Revision of the Comprehensive Gazetteer  Zhongxiu yi tongzhi  (重修一統志) Text 
   Zhuang Qinwang Yinlu  (莊親王胤祿) Person 
   Zhuangjing Gulun  (莊靜固倫公主) Person 
   Zhuangjing Heshi  (莊敬和碩公主) Person 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
  dhāranī   Term 
 posture of royal ease, with one leg drawn up lalitasana   Term 
  Mañjuśrī   Buddhist deity 
  mantra   Term 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
    Ennin (jpn.) Person 
    Korchin (mon.) Ethnicity 

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Patricia Berger, “The Jiaqing Emperor’s Magnificent Record of the Western Tour,” Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies, no. 6 (December 2011): 349-371, http://www.thlib.org?tid=T5711 (accessed ).

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