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Tales of Conjured Temples
Susan Andrews, Columbia University
JIATS, no. 6 (December 2011), THL #T5710, pp. 134-162
Glossary (pp. 154-159)


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Note: The glossary is organized into sections according to the main language of each entry. The first section contains Tibetan words organized in Tibetan alphabetical order. To jump to the entries that begin with a particular Tibetan root letter, click on that letter below. Columns of information for all entries are listed in this order: THL Extended Wylie transliteration of the term, THL Phonetic rendering of the term, the English translation, the Sanskrit equivalent, the Chinese equivalent, other equivalents such as Mongolian or Latin, associated dates, and the type of term. To view the glossary sorted by any one of these rubrics, click on the corresponding label (such as “Phonetics”) at the top of its column.

Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherDateType
   Awang Laozang  1601-1687 Person 
 Prajñā Temple  Banruo Si   Building 
   Baotang   Lineage 
 Blue Cliff Record  Biyan lu   Text 
   Bodhiruci  672-727 Person 
  Amoghavajra Bukong  705-774 Person 
   Chan   Lineage 
   Ch’ing  1644-1912 Dynasty 
   Chengguan  738-? Person 
 Buddhabhadra’s version of the Flower Ornament Sutra  Dafangguang fo huayan jing   Text 
   Dazhong  847-859 Time range 
   Daci Xingkong   Person 
 Collected Documents Pertaining to Bukong  Daizongchao zeng sikong dabian zheng guangzhi sanzang heshang biaozhiji   Text 
   Daoxuan  596-667 Person 
   Daoyi  eighth century Person 
   Dazhong  847-859 Time range 
   Dezong   Person 
 Fahua Cloister  Fahua yuan   Building 
 skillful means upāya fangbian   Term 
   Fazhao  eighth century Person 
  Buddhapāla Fotuoboli   Person 
 Fusheng Temple  Fusheng si   Building 
 penetration of sensitivity  gantong   Term 
 Biographies of Eminent Monks  Gaoseng zhuan   Text 

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   Gao Shiqi  1644-1703 Person 
 public case  gongan   Term 
 Ancient Record of Qingliang shan  Gu Qingliang zhuan  (古淸涼傳)  Text 
 Expanded Record of Qingliang shan  Guang Qingliang zhuan  (廣清涼轉)  Text 
   Guanyin   Buddhist deity 
 Daily Record of Following in the Retinue of Kangxi’s Western Tour  Hucong xixun rilu   Text 
 conjured city  huacheng   Term 
 conjured temple  huasi   Term 
 Flower Ornament Sutra Avataṃsaka Sūtra Huayan jing   Text 
 Huayan Temple  Huayan si   Building 
 conjured cloister  huayuan   Term 
   Huayan   Lineage 
 ordinary realm  hui tu   Term 
   Huichang  841-846 Time range 
   Huijiao  497-554 Person 
   Huixiang  (慧祥) seventh- century Person 
   Huizhong  d. 775 Person 
 Collected Records of Three Treasure miracles in China  Jishenzhou sanbao gantong lu   Text 
   Jiannan   Place 
 Vajra Grotto  Jingang ku   Geographic feature 
 Vajra Grotto/Prajñā Temple  Jingang ku/Bore si   Building 
 Jinge Temple  Jinge si   Building 
 golden-hued realm  jinse shijie   Term 
 pure land  jingtu   Term 
   Jinling   Place 
   Jueyi   Person 
   Junti   Person 
   Kangxi  1654-1722 Person 
   Laozang Danba  1632-1684 Person 
 Record of the Dharma Jewel through the Generations  Lidai fabao ji   Text 
 spiritual response  linggan   Term 
 spiritual response  lingying   Term 
   Linji  d. 866-7 Person 
 The Record of Linji  Linji lu   Text 

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   Ming  1368-1644 Dynasty 
 latter age of the dharma  modai   Term 
 final age of the dharma  mofa   Term 
   Nanliang   Place 
 Southern Marchmount  Nanyue   Geographic feature 
 chanting of Amitabha’s name  nianfo   Term 
   Nie Daozhen  third century Person 
   Niutou   Lineage 
  Samantabhadra Puxian   Buddhist deity 
 seven jewels sapta-​ratna qibao   Term 
 Qifeng Temple  Qifeng si   Building 
   Qianlong  1736-1796 Person 
   Qing  1644-1912 Dynasty 
 Imperially Commissioned Gazetteer of Qingliang shan  Qingding Qingliang shan zhi  (欽定清涼山志) 1811 Text 
 New Gazetteer of Qingliang shan  Qingliang shan xin zhi  (清涼山新志) 1701 Text 
 Gazetteer of Qingliang shan  Qingliang shan zhi  (清涼山志) 1661 Text 
   Qudi   Person 
   Senming   Person 
 mountain spirit  shanshen   Term 
 divine temple  shensi   Term 
 holy monastery  shengsi   Term 
 holy worthy  shengxian   Term 
   Shenhui  668-760 Person 
   Shenying  eighth century Person 
 veritable record  shilu   Term 
   Shunzhi  1638-1661 Person 
   Song  960-1279 Dynasty 
 Biographies of Eminent Monks Compiled under the Song  Song gaoseng zhuan  (宋高僧專)  Text 
   Tang  618-907 Dynasty 
   Tiantai   Lineage 
  Vimalakīrti Sūtra Weimo jing   Text 

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  Mañjuśrī Wenshu   Buddhist deity 
  Mañjuśrī parinirvāna sūtra Wenshu shili ban niepan jing  (文殊師利般涅槃經)  Text 
 The Dhāraṇī of the Storehouse of the Dharma Treasure of Mañjuśrī Mañjuśrī dharma ratnagarbha dhāranī sūtra Wenshu shili fabaozang tuoluoni jing  (文殊師利法寶藏陀羅尼經)  Text 
   Wenzhou   Place 
   Wuran  eighth-ninth century Person 
   Wutai   Mountain 
 Mount Wutai  Wutai shan   Mountain 
 The Eulogy on the Holy Regions  Wutai shan shengjian zan   Text 
   Wuzhu  714-774 Person 
   Wuzhuo  eighth century Person 
   Wuzhuo Wenxi   Person 
 transcendent monastery  xiansi   Term 
 period of the semblance dharma  xiangfa   Term 
 end of the period of the semblance dharma  xiangji   Term 
   Xiangyun   Person 
 Continued Biographies of Eminent Monks  Xu gaoseng zhuan   Text 
 Further Record of Qingliang shan  Xu Qingliang zhuan   Text 
   Xuanben  mid-ninth – eleventh-century? Person 
   Xuedou Zhongxian  980-1052 Person 
   Yanguan  750?-842 Person 
   Yanyi  (延一) 998?-1072 Person 
   Yuanwu Keqin  1063-1135 Person 
   Zanning  919-1001 Person 
   Zhang Shangying  1043-1122 Person 
 true form  zhenrong   Term 
   Zhencheng  1546-1617 Person 
 Zhulin Temple  Zhulin si   Building 

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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherDateType
  Amitābha    Buddhist deity 
  Bodhisattva    Buddhist deity 
  Buddha    Buddhist deity 
  Buddhabhadra   fifth century Person 
 Dhāraṇī of the Jubilant Corona Buddhoşņīşa-​vijaya-​dharaņī Sūtra    Text 
 poetic verse gāthā    Term 
 Rose Apple Continent Jambudvīpa    Place 
 Great China mahā cīna    Term 
 Great vehicle Mahāyāna    Doxographical Category 
 Lotus sūtra Saddharmapuṇḍarīka Sūtra    Text 
 meditative concentration, absorption samādhi    Term 
 morality śīla    Term 
 law, precepts vinaya    Term 
 reliquary stūpa    Term 
 emptiness śūnyatā    Term 
  sūtra    Term 
 lapis lazuli vaiḍūrya    Term 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherDateType
    Ennin (jpn.) 794-864 Person 
 Record of Ennin’s Pilgrimage to China in Search of the Law   Ennin nittō guhō junrei gyōki (jpn.)  Text 
    Taishō shinshū Daizōkyō (jpn.)  Text 

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Susan Andrews, “Tales of Conjured Temples (huasi) in Qing Period Mountain Gazetteers,” Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies, no. 6 (December 2011): , http://www.thlib.org?tid=T5710 (accessed ).

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Susan Andrews, “Tales of Conjured Temples (huasi) in Qing Period Mountain Gazetteers,” Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies, no. 6 (December 2011): 134-162, http://www.thlib.org?tid=T5710 (accessed ).

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Andrews, Susan. “Tales of Conjured Temples (huasi) in Qing Period Mountain Gazetteers.” Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies, no. 6 (December 2011): 134-162. http://www.thlib.org?tid=T5710 (accessed ).

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