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Title: A science of consciousness : Buddhism (1), the modern west (0)
Language of title: English
Author/Creator: B. Alan Wallace

Description: Founder of the Santa Barbara Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of Consciousness Alan Wallace outlines some of the impediments in both the history of science, as well as in modern cognitive science to developing a science of consciousness. While modern science has struggled to study consciousness directly, the Buddhist contemplative tradition has been formulating and practicing ways to investigate the nature and functions of consciousness for centuries. Specifically, Alan Wallace suggests the West has developed neither a pure science of consciousness in terms of a science of its origins, functions, and nature, nor has West developed an applied science of consciousness, or a science of how consciousness can be refined for cultivating eudaimonia, enhanced attention, a greater sense of empathy, and so forth. (Zach Rowinski 2004-06-08)

Publisher Place: Mountain View, CA
Publisher: Institute of Buddhist Studies (IBS)
Normalized publisher place: Mountain View, CA
Publisher country: United States
Publisher URL: http://www.shin-ibs.edu/pwj1.htm
Published Date: 2002

Published Date Note: Fall 2002

URL: http://www.shin-ibs.edu/pdfs/pwj3-4/02WL4.pdf
Extent: v. ; 18 p. ; 24 cm.
Subject: Science
Meditation research
Science of mind
Cognitive science
Contemplative science
Brain activity
Classification: Buddhism and Science -- International Science -- Cognitive Science -- Consciousness Studies
Cultural Coverage: United States
Temporal coverage: 21st century CE
Language: English
Interface Language: English
Source: Pacific world : journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies
Source Editor: Richard Karl Payne
David Ricky Matsumoto
Eisho Nasu
Source Type: Journal
Source Volume: Third series
Source Number: 4
Source Page Numbers: 15-31
Start Date: 1982
Frequency of publication: Annually
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ISBN/ISSN: 08973644

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Science of consciousness : Buddhism (1), modern west (0) (pdf)

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