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[Tibetan Medicine--Encounter with a Traditional System of Healing]
Description to be added.
A Guide to Tibetan Medical Urinalysis
Description to be added.
Amchhi Inji-ne, The English Doctor: Part 2
Description to be added.
AyurVijnana is a periodical published by International Trust for Traditional Medicine (ITTM). It carries articles, reports, book reviews, interviews, etc., that are related to the traditional medical ...
Building a Means of Discourse for Integrative Medicine: A Tibetan Medical Perspective on Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Description to be added.
Bulletin of Tibetology, 1993, Aspects of Classical Tibetan Medicine
This special volume of the Bulletin of Tibetology is devoted entirely to various studies on Tibetan medicine. Contributors include Terry Clifford, Elisabeth Finckh, Trogawa Rinpoche, R. E. Emmerick, N...
Certain Problems of Embryology According to the Tibetan Medical Tradition
Description to be added.
Diagnosis and Therapy According to the rGyud-bźi
Description to be added.
Diagnosis, Tibetan Style, Underlies Small Herbal Study of Advanced Breast Cancer
Description to be added.
Dolma & Dolkar: Mother and Daughter of Tibetan Medicine
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