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Siva's Wild and Wayward Calf: The Goddess Vatsalā – Her Temple and Yātrā
Description to be added.
The Shaman's Cure and the Layman's Interpretation
Description to be added.
The Process of Identification and Sanskritization: The Durās of West Nepal
Description to be added.
Some native medicinal plants of the Western Gurung
Needs description
Tamang Art: A Parallel Style in the Tantric Buddhist Art of Nepal
Description to be added.
Maithili Language and Linguistics: Some Background Notes
A discussion of the use of the Maithili language including its area, texts, and genetic classification. (Mark Turin 2004-06-15)
The Use of Officinal Plants among the Lama People of Yol-mo
An analysis of how and to which extent the Tibetan medical tradition survives in one culturally Tibetan area of the Nepalese Himalaya: Helambu based on field-work from 1975. (Mark Turin 2004-06-15)
Major Tibetan Life Cycle Events – Birth and Marriage Ceremonies
Description to be added.
China's Reforms of Tibet, and Their Effects on Pastoralism
Description to be added.
Some Background Notes on Gurung Identity in a Period of Rapid Change
Description to be added.
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