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The Tibetan Medical Tradition, and Tibetan Approaches to Healing in the Contemporary World
Description to be added.
The Anthropology of the Tharus: An Annoted Bibliography
Description to be added.
Five Nyingmapa Lamas in Sikkim
Interviews with the following five lamas: The Ven. Choda Lama, The Lingdok Gomchen, Dodrup Chen Rimpoche, Khempo Dazar, and Khempo Thupten with His Pupil Dzogchen Pema Rinzing. (Mark Turin 2004-04-28)
A Note on a Nepalese Image of Surya-Nārāyana
A short discussion of anthropomorphic and symbolic aspects of a Nepalese sculpture. (Mark Turin 2004-05-03)
The Horse Book of the Prince of Jharkot
Description to be added.
Dismembering the Body Politic: Contestations of Legitimacy in Tamang Celebrations of Dasa
Description to be added.
Patterns of Religious Belief in a Buddhist Merchant Community, Nepal
Description to be added.
The Waterspirits and the Position of Women among the Sherpa
Description to be added.
Blood and Territory as Idioms of National Identity in Himalayan States
Description to be added.
Recently Discovered Inscriptions of Licchavi Nepal
A dicussion of ten recently discovered examples of Licchavi inscriptions from A.D. 300-850 in Nepal. (Mark Turin 2004-05-03)
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