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Tantric Buddhism and Aesthetics: Art and Morality
This article explores the relationship between aesthetics, art, and morality within Tantric Buddhism in India and Tibet. The author consults several Sanskrit texts which relate to the intersection of ...
Indo-Tibetan Schools of Art and Architecture in the Western Himalaya: The Instance of Ribba in Kinnaur
This paper looks at how Tibetan and Indian architectural styles combined in the Western Himalaya, taking the Lo tsA ba lha khang of Ribba as an example. The temple's structure and sculptures ar...
The Development of the Prabhamandala in Early Tibetan Art
This paper traces the historical development of the prabhamandala, the back-support consisting of a throne and triumphal arch, on which deities are depicted in paintings and sculptures. From ea...
Some Inconsistencies of Colour Composition Techniques in Tibet
A brief survey of four Tibetan texts dealing with the mixing of colors for painting. The texts were written by Deumar Geshé Tendzin Puntsok (de’u dmar dge bshes bstan ’dzin phun tshogs, 1725-?), ...
Bod kyi kha dog gi bra ba skor gleng ba/_rig pra 'phrul gyi me long /
Description to be added.
The Myth of the Cosmic Turtle According to the Late Astrological Tradition
This paper looks at the mythical and astrological role of the turtle in Tibet. Turtles play an important role in several creation myths, several short examples of which are translated here. They also ...
Sculpture in Bhutan: The Tshogs zhing in the Paro Museum
Description to be added.
Observations on the Political Organisation of Western Bhutan in the 14th century, as Revealed in Records of the 'Ba' ra ba Sect
Description to be added.
Literary Contributions by Bhutanese Scholars to Buddhism and Tibetan Studies
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Remembering Michael Aris: His Role in Bhutanese Studies and a Personal Tribute
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