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On the Fifteenth Century Lho rong chos 'byung by Rta tshag Tshe dbang rgyal and Its Importance for Tibetan Political and Religious History
Description to be added.
Fourteenth Century Tibetan Cultural History VI: The Transmission of Indian Buddhist Pramāṇavāda according to Early Tibetan Gsan-yig-s
Description to be added.
Dating the Two Lde'u Chronicles of Buddhism in India and Tibet
Description to be added.
Mountain Research and Development
Mountain Research and Development (MRD) is the leading interdisciplinary journal specifically devoted to the world's mountain regions. It is a major platform of communication on mountains, emphasizing...
Psychotherapist and expansion of awareness
The author emphasizes the therapist's well-integrated and matured personality as the crucial element for being a good psychotherapist; therefore, it is essential for a psychotherapist to make ceaseles...
The Tao, psychoanalysis and existential thought
The purpose of this paper is to clarify some existing misunderstandings in the area of psychotherapy, existential approach and the Eastern Tao (Zen Buddhism, Confucianism, Lao-tzu, Chuang-tzu) by show...
Positive and 'negative' aspects of the 'altered states of consciousness' induced by autogenic training, Zen and yoga
As practices of altered states of consciousness (ASC) have become more widely used among psychotherapists who have become aware of the limitations of psychoanalytic, educational and behavioral approac...
Mani Stones and Mantras
A Tibetan-English beginner’s dictionary with vocabulary for the Kali Gandaki, Mustang, and Dolpo regions. (Michael Walter and Manfred Taube 2006-05-15, revised by Bill McGrath 2008-01-03)
Alphabetum Tibetanum
A German translation of Giorgi’s Alphabetum Tibetanum. (Bill McGrath 2008-01-03)
Buddhists and Scholars of Buddhism: Blurred Distinctions in Contemporary Buddhist Studies
A special issue of the Journal of Global Buddhism which aims to tackle such current and pressing questions of blurred boundaries and genres as: What is the place of advocacy or ‘theology’ in Buddh...
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