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Is Newari a Classifier Language?
This article attempts to show that Newari is a classifier language. A classifier language is a language that uses a certain type of unit-word called a "classifier." The article demonstrates how Newari...
Arab ko Lahure: Looking at Nepali Labour Migrants to Arab Countries
Description to be added.
Image Casting in Oku Bahal
This article traces the history of image casting in Nepal and its survival to the present. The article describes the 'oku Bahal' which is one of the centers of image casting in Patan where communities...
How Jang Bahadur Established Rana Rule in Nepal
This article explains the circumstances, including the Kot and Bhandarkhal massacres, in which Jang Bahadur came to power in Nepal over King Rajendra Bikram Shah and Queen Rajya Lakshmi Devi. Jang Bah...
Khambā: Eka Ardha Bhramaṇaśīl Jāti
The article is a socio-economic study of a semi-nomadic community - the Khamba. On the basis of their migration pattern, seasonal habitation, etc., the Khamba can be classified as Dangali, Dadakhet, M...
The Effects of Altitude on Crop Farming and Cash Crop Use in Ilam District: Some Implications for Agricultural Policy
Description to be added.
Democracy and Nationalism: Interface between State and Ethnicity in Nepal
Description to be added.
Ethnobotanical Notes on Thangmi Plant Names and Their Medicinal and Ritual Uses
Description to be added.
Review of Kanak Mani Dixit and Shastri Ramachandan, State of Nepal
This is a review by Mark Turin of Kanak Mani Dixit and Shastri Ramachandan, State of Nepal.
Nepalese in Tibet: A Case Study of Nepalese Half-breeds (1856-1956)
Description to be added.
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