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A cognitive science dialogue : consciousness East and West
Buddhist scholar B. Alan Wallace and contemporary philosopher of mind John Searle join for a discussion and debate on Buddhist and Western approaches to a science of consciousness. Wallace, who's app...
Dislocating China: Reflections on Muslims, Minorities, and Other Subaltern Subjects
Description to be added.
Toward an evolution of mind : implications for the faithful
This article provides a contemporary understanding of the human mind according to the viewpoint of sociobiology and evolutionary psychology. The author outlines the principles of natural selection as ...
Buddhism and science : allies or enemies?
This essay discusses the areas where Buddhism and science converge, what they can learn from each other, and what will remain unique to each in terms of issues of causality, morality, and the pursuit ...
Should the Buddha have taken prozac? religious implications of SSRIs
This article focusses on anecdotal reports of how Prozac and other selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) can affect personality and personal interests and asks the questions concerning the d...
Buddhism meets western science
Buddhist author, teacher, and psychotherapist talks about mind and consciousness from the perspective of Buddhism. (Zach Rowinski 2004-05-24)
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