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Is there a Process of Secularization among Tibetans in Exile?
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TEMPLATE for Contributions to Nepalese Studies (DUPLICATE)
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Tibetan Relic Classifications
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Bya-rung kha-shor, légende fondatrice du bouddhisme tibétain
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Why Not 'Translate' into Pictures?
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India and the British According to a Tibetan Text of the Later Eighteenth Century
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The Buddhist Temple in Petersburg and the Russo-Tibetan Rapprochement
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Ancient Nepal (DUPLICATE)
A journal devoted to pre-history and field-archaeology in the Himalayas. Special interests include epigraphy, manuscripts, numismatics, archives, art, anthropology, architecture and museum and other t...
Art of Tibet
This fully illustrated book is a general introduction to the art of Tibet. It begins with a descriptions of the main figures portrayed in Tibetan art, from the Buddha to various protector deities. Thi...
Tibetan Studies: Proceedings of the 6th Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies, Fagernes, 1992
This two volume collection of papers represents a variety of scholarship on Tibet. The papers were originally presented at the sixth seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies held i...
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