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The Mahā-Vairocana-Abhisaṃbodhi Tantra: With Buddhaguya’s Commentary
This is an authoritative translation of the Mahā-Vairocana-Abhisaṃbodhi Tantra, the most important early Indian Buddhist tantra, composed in the mid seventh century. This tantra just preceded the c...
Weaving Hidden Threads: Some Ethno-historical Clues on the Artistic Affinities between Eastern Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh
Description to be added.
Imaging Wisdom: Seeing and Knowing in the Art of Indian Buddhism by Jacob N. Kinnard [review article]
Description to be added.
Gaṇeśa, Unravelling an Enigma by Yuvraj Krishan [review]
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Remembering Prof. Mahesh Tiwary (1929-1999), the Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Academy Award Laureate
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The Ārya-śālistambasya-ṭīkā: Kamalaśīla's commentary on the Śālistamba-sūtra
This is a study of a commentary on a Mahayana sūtra by Kamalaśīla (8th cent.) and preserved in the Tengyur (bstan ’gyur) of the Tibetan Buddhist Canon. The author has made ...
Birds in the Egg and Newborn Lion Cubs: Metaphors for the Potentialities and Limitations of 'All-at-once' Enlightenment
This article looks at the early uses of two metaphors for enlightenment, a bird still in the egg and a newborn lion, as well as later controversies surrounding the use and meaning of these metaphors. ...
Indo-Bhutan Relations: Recent Trends
This article examines Indo-Bhutan relations since the mid-20th century. Increased relations with India occurred as a result of political events in the region (Indian independence and the founding of t...
Reconstructing Nineteenth Century Trade Route between Bhutan and Assam: Evidences from British Political Missions
This article attempts to identify the location of a long-distance trade route between Bhutan and Assam in the nineteenth century based literary sources including British documents. The author defines ...
Biographies of Shariputra and Maha-Maudgalyayana
These biographies of Shariputra and Maudgalyayana were compiled from Tibetan source material by Acharya Samten Gyatso Lepcha and translated into English by Thupten Tenzing. Both the Tibetan text and E...
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