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Darwin and the Buddha : does compassion make evolutionary sense? Tricyle interviews science writer Robert Wright on where natural selection and Buddhism meet-- and don't
Tricycle magazine interviews science writer Robert Wright on evolutionary theory and its implications for Buddhist ideas of non-self, altruism, anger, and awakening. He suggests evolutionary theory co...
Samsara divided by zero : can chaos theory help us understand enlightenment?
Thānissaro Bhikkhu, a Western monk trained in the Thai Buddhist tradition, explores non-linear causality and the assertion that Buddhist enlightenment is uncaused. He introduces Poincaré's discovery...
Buddhism and neuroscience : studying the well-trained mind
This article from the magazine Science reports on the 2003 Mind and Life conference at Harvard with the Dalai Lama and psychologists, scientists, and others. The article includes comments from ...
Gay/straight, man/woman, self/other : what would the Buddha have had to say about gay liberation?
In this interview, José Cabezón discusses such topics as gay liberation, sexual identity, and gender identity in the context of Buddhism. (Steven Weinberger 2004-10-18)
Muslims of Tibet
Description to be added.
Science as koan : stem cell researcher and Zen student Dr. Neil Theise discovers the synergy between dharma practice and scientific inquiry
In this short article, a stem cell researcher who practices Zen meditation reflects on how his meditation experiences have helped him see the body, and in turn, reality, in different ways. (Zach Row...
Taming destructive emotions
Tricycle magazine talks to Daniel Goleman about recent discoveries from collaborative research on Buddhist meditation by psychologists and neuroscientists. (Zach Rowinski 2004-05-17)
Sakya monasteries
This article provides a brief overview of Sakya (sa skya), Nalendra (na len+d+ra), and Ngor (ngor) Monasteries. (Kevin Vose 2004-04-09)
Kagyu monasteries
This article provides a brief overview of Tsurpu (mtshur phu) and Drigungtil ('bri gung thil) Monasteries in Tibet, the seats of the Karma Kagyü and Drigung Kagyü schools, respectively. (Kevin Vose...
Overlapping worlds
This article outlines some of the potential problems and objections to an exchange between Buddhism and science and offers solutions by rethinking about the nature and practice of both disciplines. (Z...
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