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Bhutan's Quadrilemma: To Join or Not Join the WTO, That Is the Question
This article argues that Gross National Happiness (GNH) must take on concrete objectives and time-frames if it is to be a serious national policy of Bhutan. Within that context, the article specifical...
Putting Gross National Happiness in the Service of Good Development
Description to be added.
Cherry Picking in Bhutan
This article criticizes conventional economic policy claiming that it disadvantages smaller nations and ignores important economic considerations. The author examines Bhutan’s policy of Gross Nation...
Trade, Development, and the Broken Promise of Interdependence: A Buddhist Reflection on the Possibility of Post-market Economics
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Finding Happiness in Wisdom and Compassion – The Real Challenge for an Alternative Development Strategy
This paper argues that policies such as Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness offer a sustainable and responsible approach to development that take into account the interdependence of culture, governanc...
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