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Grazing Management in Broadleaf Forests
Description to be added.
Cattle Management Systems in Humid Subtropical Areas of Western Bhutan
In this study, the authors investigated cattle (Mithun and Siri cross bred and Siri) management practices among three villages in Chukha district of western Bhutan. The study identifies several constr...
Grazing Management in National Parks and Protected Areas: Science, Socio-economics and Legislation (Tenure)
Description to be added.
Grazing Management of Temperate Grasslands and Fallows
Description to be added.
China's Reforms of Tibet, and Their Effects on Pastoralism
Description to be added.
The Herdsmen's Dilemma
Description to be added.
Herding and Socio-economic Change among Khumbu Sherpas
An analysis of the effect of recent socio-economic changes among the Sherpa society on livestock husbandry. (Mark Turin 2004-06-10)
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