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Introducing Tibetan Buddhism
Creator's Description: This is designed as an undergraduate textbook on Tibetan Buddhism. The general perspective is similar to that of Civilized Shamans, but the scale and detail are mo...
The Jo nang pas: A School of Buddhist Ontologists according to the Grub mtha' šel gyi me loṅ
Ruegg here translates the sixth chapter of the History of Philosophical Doctrines (Grub mtha' shel gyi me long) written by Thu'u bkwan Blo bzang chos kyi nyi ma (1737-1802) and completed in 180...
The Lineage of Tāranātha According to Kloṅ-rdol bla-ma
This article looks at discrepencies in the reported reincarnation lineages of Tāranātha (1575-1635), a famed Tibetan author of boiographical and historical works. (Mark Premo-Hopkins 2004-07-09)
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