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Constructing Tibetan Culture: Contemporary Perspectives
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Tibetans in Exile: A Euro-American Perspective
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The Politics of Nostalgia: Social Memory and National Identity Among Diaspora Tibetans in New York City
This dissertation focuses on the community of diaspora Tibetans living in and around New York City, and their quest to imagine their homeland as a kind of Buddhist utopia separated from the political ...
Tibetan Nationalism: The Role of Patronage in the Accomplishment of National Identity
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Shangri-la in Exile: Representations of Tibetan Identity and Transnational Culture
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Stateless Citizens: Culture, Nation and Identity in the Expanding Tibetan Diaspora
Dissertation Abstract: The Tibetan diaspora has expanded dramatically in North America since the passage of the 1990 Immigration Act. The act included legislation that allowed 1,000 Tibetans li...
Making and Remaking Tibetan Diasporic Identities
The fifty-year long Chinese occupation of Tibet has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands and has produced a refugee flow that continues today. Although the plight of Tibetans commands inter...
Truth, Fear, and Lies: Exile Politics and Arrested Histories of the Tibetan Resistance
Author's Abstract: Narratives of the Tibetan resistance army are not a part of national history in the Tibetan exile community. Drawing on stories by veterans of the resistance to the Chinese i...
Mobilizing for Tibet: Transnational Politics and Diaspora Culture in the Post-Cold War Era
This dissertation is a multiple-site study of the Tibet Movement, a transnational social movement comprised of Tibetan refugees and their Western supporters. It is based on field research conducted in...
Tibetan Refugees: Youth and the New Generation of Meaning
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